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Learn to add humor in your personal & professional presentations with Don Barnhart's Humor in The Workplace TM Seminars.  No more boring speeches.  No more crickets, loud yawns and the sound of your heartbeat pounding in your chest.  Learn to use humor and grab the audience's attention keeping them riveted on your presentation.

Humor and laughter can be a great aid to reduce stress and promote physical well-being and when applied to your speech or presentation, it puts the audience at ease creating a happy link to you and your product or presentation.  Humor has been proven to reduce tension and stress, increase efficiency, attendance, and retention and create an overall sense of well-being.

Don Barnhart teaches you the fundamentals and techniques of using comedy and humor to liven up your presentations and keep your audiences entertained while delivering your message.  Whether it's just to break the ice during sales or marketing presentation or successfully shifting the perspective in a strategic planning meeting, humor is a powerful tool for punctuating the most important business interchanges.

You don't have to be naturally funny or even a stand up comedian to apply humor and Don Barnhart shows you how to use your own personality to create natural and funny humor that's organ tic and not contrived.




Humor can help people deal with the every day trials and tribulations as well as triumphing over tragedy.  It is a great aid to reduce stress and promote physical well-being and it's been said, "Laughter is the best medicine".  Barnhart's speeches and seminars are inspiring, interactive, educational, motivating but most of all entertaining, fun and funny!  Humor can ignite laughter and Barnhart's positive humor and improv workshops increase creativity and relieve stress while building and bonding teamwork.

A large executive search firm conducted a recent survey of top executives who earned more than $250k per year.  What the survey found out was that these executives believed their communication skills were the most important factor that helped them excel to their position. Mastering the use of humor techniques puts a fine polish on your public speaking skills, which can help propel you to the top of the speaking profession and business world.

According to Bob Orben, Former Director of the White House Speech writing Department and Special Assistant to President Gerald Ford, 'Business executives and political leaders have embraced humor because humor works. Humor has gone from being an admirable part of a leader's character to a mandatory one.'

The Advanced Public Speaking Institute says, "There are many benefits you can derive from using humor when speaking. Keep in mind that these benefits only help you reach your ultimate purpose for making the presentation. They are not purposes themselves unless, of course, you are only interested in entertaining."



The practical use of humor in your public speaking can help with the following:

* Connects you with your audience * Makes you more "likeable"
* Creates an interest in your product or topic

* Keeps audience's attention

* Helps to empahsize bullet points and ideas

* Disarms hostily and boredom

* Helps to get your point across without creating hostility * Makes information more memorable
* Paints pictures in the audience's mind * Shows you don't take yourself too seriously
* Lightens up heavy material * Makes a positive impression
* Increased likleyhood of being asked back * Higher evaluations and more sales
* Helps audience relate to facts and figures * You'll make a higher income
* You'll be happier * Your audience will be happier


Don Barnhart's humor seminars are perfect for: keynotes, convention openings, conference closings, corporate meetings, events, in-service programs, seminars, meetings, retreats, workshops and more.

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In this humorous but professional presentation, Don Barnhart will inspire and teach you how to achieve more in  your professional and personal life and to truly have your best year ever.  Designed to entertain while inspiring you to stay motivated, challenged and empowered, Barnhart combines this powerful keynote with an entertaining hypnotic show turning the volunteers into the stars.   Learn to adopt a "failure free" attitude and create a "success demeanor" that is self motivated to achieve your highest priorities.



Barnhart is a Second City Conservatory Graduate specializing in improv training and seminars to help break the fear of stage fright, create teambuilding and trust by working together.  

Increase your confidence and stage presence.  Great for comedians, actors, business people, sales teams and anyone wanting to increase their stage performance and speaking ability.  Break through your roadblocks and stage fright.  You'll have a blast in this workshop, as you'll be doing improv right away.

Barnhart's improv classes and seminars specialize in short form improv and games for the stage.  This fun, interactive class will have you on your feet, onstage and creating laughter right away.

Some of the benefits of improv:  Increasing your stage presence and public speaking skills.  Improve your presence in your comedy shows, create characters.  You'll also see the power of being positive, heighten your listening skills, learn to "hear" and be "in the moment", learn body language, gain confidence and comfort onstage, in auditions and speaking engagements, break through nervousness and stage fright, learn to handle live speaking situations with comfort, confidence and ease.


What People Are Saying...

Hi Don and Linda,

I am finally back in NY and wanted to thank you both for providing exactly the type of experience I was hoping for.  It was great having the place to ourselves for the business part of the meeting, and the improv training and exercises were both team building and hilarious... I especially appreciated how you (Don) worked to relate what we were doing to business and sales.  I loved all of it and the food and drinks were great (thanks Linda). At some point maybe we can do this again.  And, I’d be happy to serve as a reference for you if you would like. Take care and stay funny.    Gregory J. Schwartz BTX


"Don Barnhart did a great job. His interaction with the crowd was perfect. We had numerous folks come up afterwards talking about how much they enjoyed the show. Please pass this on to Don and let him know we would highly recommend him to other groups. Thanks again.” Lance Shillingburg - Texas Motor Transportation Association

"The accolades we continue to receive from the installations you visited are testimony to your commitment and dedication to ensure our troops' morale remain high by providing quality entertainment to our uniformed service members overseas. Without a doubt, your performance has made a lasting impression on the troops and installation." Edward F. Shock, Col, USAF Chief, Armed Forces Entertainment

"One of the best we've ever had." Drew Blease - Blease Finanacial Corporation

"Thank you so much. I cannot count how many times people have told me how much they laughed! By the way the owner of the golf course and lots of other things has asked me for your contact info, he would like to book you for a couple things he has coming that is awesome!" Montisa Phelan Lopez, Executive Director, Foundation & Public Affairs - Arroyo Grande Community Hospital

"Don was a great asset to our AFE and Navy Entertainment program. We look forward to return trips with his groups. Please see my attached comments as agreed upon with my staff who enjoyed working with Don. He is a very good performer, a compassionate and flexible individual, and a patriot for the troops. They even did a show on the deck of the sub last week." Thomas L. Linscott, MWR Director - Bahrain







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